SOLAS Davit-launched Inflatable Life Raft 

Item No.: 00032
Inflatable life raft throw-overboard is suitable for installing in vessels on international voyage or other offshore facilities with good quality and competitive price.
SOLAS Davit-launched Inflatable Life Raft   
Davit-launched inflatable life raft SOLA offered by Weitong Marine,suitable for installing in vessels on international voyage and can meet the standard  of MSC.47(66)  International Convention for the Safty of Life at Sea, SOLAS 1974,1996 Amendment and  MSC.48(66) International Life-saving appliance (LSA) Code and MSC.218(82), MSC.293(87); MSC.81(70)Amendments for Testing of Life-saving Appliances; MSC.295(87); Msc.323(89); ISO9650:2005, ISO15738(2002). Should any of these items be of interest to you,please don't hesitate to contact us, then more details will be sent to you.
Emergency Pack Type: SOLAS A Pack or B Pack
Max.Storage Height: 36m
Certificates: CCS, GL, ABS, NK,RS
Model Capacity Storage Height(m) Weight(≦kg) Container Size(mm)
A Pack B Pack A Pack B Pack
WT-D10 10 36 130 108 1320*680 1260*650
WT-D12 12 36 135 110 1380*700 1320*680
WT-D15 15 36 164 137 1480*740 1380*700
WT-D16 16 36 173 138 1480*740 1380*700
WT-D20 20 36 202 159 1520*750 1480*740
WT-D25 25 36 217 163 1600*780 1520*750
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