Explosion Proof Type Oil Concentration Meter

Item No.: 00280
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Explosion Proof Type Oil Concentration Meter
Explosion Proof Oil Content Meter is a device for on-line monitoring of sewage oil concentration, the larger measurement range meet requirements of most water monitoring sites, with continuous monitoring, emission control and automatic cleaning etc. function. The instrument is a kind of photoelectric measuring instrument based on infrared scattering measurement technology, and its precision optical measuring system has the best optical response to the micro oil particles in the sewage, which makes the measurement more accurate. On the basis of the mathematical model and algorithm, it can eliminate the color of sample liquid, solid suspended matter and so on.
Explosion Proof Oil Content Meter will be inspected and tested to I.M.O. requirements before delivery. In normal use the units should operate correctly and without fault over a long period of time requiring only small amounts of maintenance to be carried out as outlined in the instruction manuals.

Explosion Proof Type Oil Concentration  Meter Specification
Testing Type Continuously online testing
Measurement range 0~199ppm
Precision 0-20 ppm±2ppm,20-199ppm±10%
Alarm indication Red LED
Pressure of sample water 0.01~0.6Mpa
Flow rate 0.15-4L/min
Working voltage 220VAC,50/60Hz
Power 25W
Signal output 4~20Ma or 0~5VDC
Water-proof protection IP45
Mounting dimension 420×210mm
Boundary dimension 460×300×184mm
Weight 28KG
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