GD Type Rubber Fender

Weitong Marine offers GD Type Rubber Fender in high quality with reasonable price and best service. If you are interested in the item, pls don't hesitate to contact us for more details.
GD Type Rubber Fender
GD type Rubber Fenders are developed on the basis of D type fenders. They can be fixed with double line anchors which greatly increase the installation stability. Furthermore, their anchoring bolt is bigger than D fender so that the anchoring grip is double to D fender.
1.High energy absorption performance and low reaction force
2. High strength construction parts, long service life.
3. Easy for replacement for installation;
GD Type Rubber Fender Specification
Rated Deflection 50%
Specification Reaction force(KN) Energy Absorption(KN-M)
GD280H*1000L 375 14
GD280H*1500L 565 21
GD280H*2000L 750 28
GD280H*2500L 940 35
GD280H*3000L 1130 42
GD300H*1000L 450 18
GD300H*1500L 675 27
GD300H*2000L 900 36
GD300H*2500L 1125 45
GD300H*3000L 1350 54
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