Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll

Item No.: 00486
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Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll
Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Roll absorb chemical liqui such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, to help prevent inappropriate use of anti-overflow spare parts; reasonable distribution of pore-like structure of the points can enhance the speed of absorbtion and save the time. Yellow coloer is easy to be seen.
Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll Feathures
1.Fast-acting for quick response
2.High absorbency
3.A layer of Melt Blown polypropylene creates high surface area that enables SonicBonded Mat to quickly soak up iquids 4.on contact before they can spread. A random assembley of large-diameter Melt Blown poly fibers creates a lofty layer that absorbs high volumes of liquid fast.
5.Ultrasonic Bond Points Keep Mat Intact
6.Ultrasonic Bond Points fuse layers of fibers together-Mat keeps its shape even when completely saturated. Top layer of lint-free SpunBond fabric provides extra strength.
7. Perforations Save Money
8. SpunBond top layer allows for better-defined perforations and claner, easier tear-offs.
Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll Application:
Apply for laboratories,chemical plants,reagent factories and so on ; used to absorb the leakage of acidic, alkaline and other unknown hazmats and used where is easy to occurrence of leakage and spillage
40CM*50CM 2MM 200PCS/B ≥120L/B Single Weight
40CM*50CM 3MM 150PCS/B ≥113L/B Medium Weight
40CM*50CM 4MM 150PCS/B ≥135L/B Medium Weight
40CM*50CM 4MM 100PCS/B ≥105L/B Heavy Weight
40CM*50CM 5MM 100PCS/B ≥120L/B Double Weight
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