100%PP Oil Absorbent Sheets

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100%PP Oil Absorbent Sheets

Product Description

100% Polypropylene 3m Marine Heavy Duty Universal Chemical Oil Absorbent Pads For Spill Control 
Marine and Industry Absorbents are made of 100%polypropylene, are cost-effective for containing and absorbing all fluids (water, petroleum and chemical-based, comply with the health and safety at work Act and the COSHH Regulations. Custonmization service is available.
We offer three kinds of absorbents for option as bellow:

1. Oil Absorbents    (oil only--- petroleum based spills and leaks for absorbing oil-based liquids)
(White color )
Oil absorbent roll 
Oil absorbent pad
Oil absorbent boom
Oil absorbent mat
Oil absorbent pillow
Oil Kits 
2. Chemical Absorbents (for hazardous liquids)
(yellow color)
Chemical absorbent roll
Chemical absorbent pad
Chemical absorbent boom
Chemical absorbent mat
Chemical absorbent pillow
Chemical Kits
3. Universal Absorbents (water, petroleum and chemical-based)
(Grey color)
absorbent roll
absorbent pad
absorbent boom
absorbent mat
absorbent pillow
Universal  Kits
Oil Absorbent Pads Specification:
Size Thickness Count &Packing Absorbency Keywords
40cm*50cm 3mm 200pcs/B >150L/B single weight
40cm*50cm 4mm 150pcs/B >140L/B medium weight
40cm*50cm 5mm 150pcs/B >165L/B medium weight
40cm*50cm 7mm 100pcs/B >130L/B heavy weight
40cm*50cm 8mm 100pcs/B >150L/B double weight
40cm*50cm 5mm 150pcs/B 115L/B thick fibres
40cm*50cm 8mm 100pcs/B 110L/B thick fibres
Spill Response Hazmat Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll Specification
40CM*50CM 2MM 200PCS/B ≥120L/B Single Weight
40CM*50CM 3MM 150PCS/B ≥113L/B Medium Weight
40CM*50CM 4MM 150PCS/B ≥135L/B Medium Weight
40CM*50CM 4MM 100PCS/B ≥105L/B Heavy Weight
40CM*50CM 5MM 100PCS/B ≥120L/B Double Weight
The spill kits contain several items in different spill kits, take the bellow as reference
Items Product List Quantity Absorbency
30L Universal Spill Kits 30L PVC Bag  1 30L 
Universal Absorbent Sheet (40cm*50cm) 20       
Universal  Absorbent Sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 1
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8
50L Universal Spill Kits 50L PVC Bag  1 50L
Universal Absorbent Sheet  (40cm*50cm) 30         
Universal  Absorbent Sock  (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
80L Universal Spill Kits 80L PVC bag 1 80L
Universal Absorbent Sheet  (40cm*50cm) 40
Universal  Absorbent Sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 4
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
120L Universal Spill Kits 120L Wheelie Bin 1 120L
Universal Absorbent Sheet  (40cm*50cm) 40
Universal  Absorbent Sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Universal  Absorbent Boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 1
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 2
Disposal Bags 7
240L Universal Spill Kits 240L Wheelie Bin 1 240L
Universal Absorbent Sheet (40cm*50cm) 80
Universal  Absorbent Sock  (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 6
Universal Absorbent Boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 3
Universal  Absorbent Pillow (35cm*50cm) 6
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8

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