IMPA 372551 Brass Marine Magnetic Compass

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IMPA372551 Marine Brass Magnetic Compass
IMPA372551 Brass Marine Magnetic Compass

 The small brass boat magnetic compass is a good liquid magnetic compass. The compass is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 14227-2001<Small Boat Magnetic Compass>standard The product has the advantages of simple structure,convenient using,accurate direction,high sensitivity legible dial etc. It is suitable for yachts,lifesaving boats,enclosed boats indicating course heading or distinguishing azimuth.

Imported magnetic materials, high stability and long working life




1. Size : 3",4",5",6" Diameter of Dial

2. Material: Full Brass & Wooden Box
3. Color: Brass Brown
4. Can be fitted with light, and can be easy read in the night;
5. Equipped with balance Ring for boat sailing condition;
6. temperature use:-30~50 degree
7. direction error: +/-1


Main specification





 6 inch

           Net Weight 


           Gross Weight 


           Package dimension 

 60*28*48CM with 4 pcs inside       

           3 -5 inch copper compass is still available

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