A60 Fireproof Steel Quick Action Boat Hatch Cover

Item No.: 01542
Marine Manhole Cover  manufacturer-Weitong Marine offers Quick Acting Weathertight Steel Hatch Cover Type C with good watertightness and competitive price.
A60 Fireproof Steel Quick Action Boat Hatch Cover

Marine Quick Action Steel Weathertight Hatch Cover is used for various ships. A full selection of hatch cover specifications is available. This small hatch cover is designed and manufacturerd in line with the standard of ISO5778-1979
*Production time: 5-45days as per quantity.
*Packing: Iron Pallet
*Material: Steel, Aluminum


Nominal size Cover dimension Deck cutting size Overal size Cover plate  Coaming Weight
thickness    thickness Kg
600×600 750×750 790×790 870×870 4 6 82
700×700 850×850 890×890 970×970 6 6 102
600×800 750×950 790×990 870×1070 6 8 114
800×1200 950×1350 990×1390 1070×1470 8 11 239
1000×1400 1150×1550 1190×1590 1270×1670 8 11 316
1500×1750 1650×1900 1690×1940 1770×2020 8 11 487

We offers two types of marine covers: hatch cover and manhole cover
**Hatch Cover:
Steel Small Size Hatch Cover
Rotating Oil Tight Hatch Cover
Steel Weathertight Hatch Cover
Aluminum Weathertight Hatch Cover
Steel Watertight Hatch Cover
Aluminum Watertight Hatch Cover
Pressure Proof Manhole Cover & Hatch Cover
Quick Acting Watertight Hatch Cover
Hatch Cover for Suez Canal Light
Air Hatch Cover
Fireproof Hatch Cover
**Manhole Cove:
Type A Manhole Cover with Coaming--nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness10 , CB/T19-2001
Typ B1 Flat Type Manhole Cover---- nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness10 , CB/T19-2001
model C1 Embedded Type Manhole Cover with Shield--- nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness12 , CB/T19-2001
Model D1 Long Circular Sunk Type Manhole Cover with shield---nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness14 , CB/T19-2001
Model A Stud Mounted Manhole Cover, Model A Ballast liquid tank manhole cover with check hole wihc size 600*400 6CB/T3981-2008


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