Anchor Mooring Hydraulic Winch Combined Boat Windlass

Hydraulic Single Drum Mooring Winch offered by Weitong Marine, is of compact and reasonable structure,simple installation,smooth operation,less noise,perfect erosion resistant coating and competitive price, approved by certificates:CCS, ABS,BV,DNV,LR,GL e
Anchor Mooring Hydraulic Winch Combined Boat Windlass
Anchor Mooring Hydraulic Winch Combined Boat Windlass is a device of marine equipment used for boat or ship anchoring (drop and hoist anchors) to holds a boat in place to a pier or similar fixture.  The marine windlass/winch contains a anchor windlass and a winch drum around which sailors can wrap rope, chain, or cable (depending on the type of ship).
Driven Model: Hydraulic
Configuration: One or two anchor chain wheel, one or two mooring drums(or split drum), one or two warping heads, with or wothout warping head and gypsy.
Brake: failsafe manual or hydraulic brake.
Clutch: manual or hydraulic operated.
Controls: local or remote control.
Weitong Marine can offer customization service for your application to customize anchor windlass according to your requirment or drawings. Any question or comment is much appreciated,pls donnot hestate to contact us for more details
Our Winch has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance , the performance has good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low-speed stability, low noise, reliable operation, etc.

1. Have a quality management system compliant to ISO9001 or environmental management system compliant to ISO14001
2. Design produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection,flaw detection etc.
4. Advanced facility

5. Simple installation and safe operation
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. Moderate price and professional service
Anchor Mooring Hydraulic Winch Combined Boat Windlass Specification
Drive Hydraulic Electric
Type single or double gypsy; single or double drum
Dia.Chain 16-97mm(U2,U3) 16-97mm(U2,U3)
Rated Load 10KN-447KN 10KN-447KN
Drum Load 10KN-2000KN 10KN-2000KN
Drum Brake Load    50KN-3000KN 50KN-3000KN
Drum Capacity 100-1000M 100-1000M
Clutch Hydraulic / handle operated jaw type
Brake Spring loaded hydraulic release / handle operated type
Power Required 4-160KW 3.5-132KW
Control Local control / Remote control in wheelhouse
Option Length / Tension Monitoring system,
stainless steel lined on drum brake band, chain stopper
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