Deck Installation Azimuth Thruster

Weitong Marine offers deck installation azimuth thruster as per your request with good quality and competitive price. If you are looking for any deck azimuth thrusters, pls feel free to contact us for more details.
Deck Installation Azimuth Thruster
Deck installation azimuth thruster  is mounted and bolted onto a foundation of deck. Rudder propeller is mounted at the rear chassis. Installation is easy and simple.
The Rudder propeller can be mechanically or hydraulically raised or lowered in vertical direction by means of a depth adjustment facility. This serves to ensure maximum propeller thrust at all vessel draughts by maintaining the correct propeller immersion. Deck installation azimuth thruster has
the advantages of compact structure, convenient install and easy maintainance, lower use cost.
Azimuth thruster is a configuration of marine propeller used to enhance maneuverability for escorting vessel or ship docking services. Azimuth thruster can rotate 360º to achieve better maneuverability than than of a fixed propeller or rudder system.The azimuth thrusters Can be installed as well installated type or deck type. Propeller as fixed or controllable. Azimuth thrusters are major variants, based on the location of the motor. According to different operation condition, azimuth thruster can be divided into three kinds: FPP with nozzle, CPP with nozzle, without nozzle. It is widely use on tugs, passenger ships, inland and coasting vessels,ferries,supply-boats and survey ships etc.
Deck Installation Azimuth Thruster Feathures:

¤ Higher propulsion efficiency and thrust force
¤ Less noice and vibration, reducing steering torque
¤ Adopt high-strength gear and bearing to enhance seals and system’s reliability and longevity.
¤ Steering mechanism: hydraulic or electric motor
¤ Clutch: built-in hydraulic or air pressure controlled clutch, external hydraulic clutch with reduction gear
Deck Installation Azimuth Thruster Certificates: ABS,CCS,DNV,LR,GL,RINA,etc.
Deck Installation Azimuth Thruster Datas
Model Input Power(KW) Input Speed(r/pm) Propeller Diameter(mm) Propeller type Max Force(T)
RP 20-150 1500-2500 500/600/700 FPP 3.4
RP 150-250 1500-2350 700/800/900 FPP 2.9
RP 230-480 1200-2350 900/1000/1100 FPP 7.4
RP 420-690 830-1800 1200/1300/1400 FPP/CPP 11.1
RP 650-980 830-1800 1500/1600/1700 FPP/CPP 16.1
RP 950-1500 830-1500 1900/2000/2100 FPP/CPP 24.3
RP 1320-1750 750-1500 2200/2300/2400 FPP/CPP 29.3
RP 1650-2250 550-1200 2400/2500/2600 FPP/CPP 36.9
RP 2200-2600 550-1200 2600/2700/2800 FPP/CPP 42.6
RP 2350-3400 550-1200 2900/3200/3500 FPP/CPP 58.1
RP 3350-4500 750-1000 3800/4000/4200 FPP/CPP 79.5
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