Double Deck Navigation Signal Light CXH-20S

Item No.: 00524
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Double Deck Navigation Signal Light CXH-20S
The Navigation Signal Light used to the ship with length12M or above 12M(<50M) as lamp signal liaison
1. Confirm to the international regulation for preventing collision at sea, 1972 and grade entry norms for steel ships.
2. Confirm to the International Standard IEC60598-1-2008.
3. Confirm to the standard of marine electric signal light’s technical condition GB/T 3028-2012
1. Easy to Install and replace the bulb with a leakage hole at the bottom.
2. The shell is made of Stainless Steel
3. The shade is made of polycarbonate, UV Resistance and non-discolouring color.
Double Deck Navigation Signal Light CXH-20S Specifications
Name Type Visibility Level Arc Lamp Holder Voltage/power Cable Outside Diameter Protection Class Color Weight
Starboard light CXH1-20S 2n.m 112.5° B15d 24V/2x30W Φ8   Green 2.3kg
Port light CXH2-20S 2n.m 112.5° IP56 Red 2.3kg
Masthead light CXH3-20S 5n.m 225° White 2.3kg
Stern light CXH4-20S 2n.m 135° White/Yellow 2.3kg
All-round light CXH6-20S 2n.m 360° Red/Green/White 2 kg
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