FIFI System/External Fire Fighting System

Weitong Marine offers FIFI/External Fire Fighting System with good quality and competitive price. If you are interested in the item, pls feel free to contact us for more details.
FIFI System/External Fire Fighting System
Weitong Marine provide external fire fighting systems(fifi class I/II/II systems)for all kinds of vessels,oil platforms,etc with CCS,BV,ABS,DNV etc., certificates
1.Fifi Class 3 System,9600-10000m3/h
Monitor Capacity:2400-3200m3/h
Total Pump Capacity:9600-10000m3/h
Throw Length:150-180m
Throw Height:70-110m
2. Fifi Class 2 System,7200m3/h
Diesel engine driven
Fire pumps:2X3600m3/h
Fire monitors:4X1800m3/h at150m or 3x2400m3/h
Remote control system
3. Fifi Class 1 System,2400m3/h
Diesel engine driven
Fire pumps:2X1200m3/h or one 2400m3/h
Fire monitors:2X1200m3/h at 120m
Remote control system
4. Fifi 1/2 System,1200m3/h
Diesel Engine Driven
Fire Pumps:1200m3/h
Fire Monitors:2X600m3/h at 120m or 1X1200m3/h at 120m
Remote Control System
5. None Classed fi-fi System
Diesel engine driven
Or electric motor driven
Fire Pumps:2X300m3/h@145m
Fire Monitors:2X300m3/h@85m
Remote Control System
Fire Pumps:300m3/h at 145m
Fire Monitors:300m3/h at 85m
Remote control system
Fire Pumps:250m3/h at 110m
Fire Monitors:250m3/h at 70m
Remote Control System
FiFi System Class FiFi I FiFi II FiFi III
No.of Monitor 2 2 3 4 3 4
Monitor capactiy 1200 3600 2400 1800 3200 2400/2500
No.of Pumps 2 2 2-4 2 2-4
Total Pump Capacity(m3/h) 2400 7200 7200 9600 9600/10000
Throw Length(m) 120 180 150 180 150
Throw Height 45 110m at 70m 70 110m at 70m 70
External Fire Fighting System Certificates: CCS,ABS,DNV,,BV, etc.
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