Fireproof Aluminum Wheelhouse Marine Cabin Sliding Door with Window

Item No.: 00997
Sliding door for wheelhouse is made in accordance with ISO standard, with merist of low noise, fine appreance and lighty, which can be used for various kinds of ships.
manufactured according to IMO, SOLAS
Easy operation
Can be weathertight or gastight
Fireproof Aluminum Wheelhouse Marine Cabin Sliding Door with Window
Wheelhouse Weathertight sliding door is made in accordance with ISO standard with the advantage of low noise, fine appaearance and light weight and space-saving, is suitable various kinds of ships. It should be installed on the upper structruer of ships, especially suitable for wheelhouse. Wheelhouse Weathertight Sliding Door can be made of stainless steel,Steel, aluminum etc.
We supply weathertight sliding door and watertight sliding door.We support customization service for your requirment.
Should any of the sliding doors be of interest to you, pls feel free to email us for any inquiry or discussion.

A Stainless steel
B Aluminum
C Aluminum door board, other steel
Type Size of Doorway Frame Size  Size of B.H. Opening Size of Outline  D Opening weight
A B C LXB L1*B1 L2*B2 L3*B3 T+70 A B C
1700*750 1780*830 1785*835 2100*1750 L R 56 42 40
1700*900 1780*980 1785*985 2100*2050 62 48 46
1800*900 1880*980 1885*985 2200*2050 66 52 50
1800*1000 1880*1080 1885*1085 2200*2250 72 58 56



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