French Type Hose Coupling for Fire Fighting Equipment

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French Type Hose Coupling for Fire Fighting Equipment
A Fire hose coupling is connector on the end of hose to connect or couple it with another hose or with a tap or hose appliance, such as irrigation sprinkler. It is usually made of steel,brass,stainless steel,aluminium or plastic.Used for combining water band with water band ,fire hydrant ,water lance and the fire-fighting truck so that they are to supply water or foam misture for putting out fire.
Standard: NF-S61-704/ NF-S61-705
Coupling Type: French Type
Diameter:  40mm, 50mm, 65mm
Material: aluminum, brass
Suitable Mdeium: Sea water

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IMPA Code Type Material Size
330854 Machino Type Brass 25A(1")
330855 Brass 40A(1-1/2")
330856 Brass 50A(2")
330857 Brass 65A(2-1/2")
330858 Brass 75A(3")
330851 Nakajima type Brass 40A(1-1/2")
330852 Brass 50A(2")
330853 Brass 65A(2-1/2")
330859 John Morris Type Brass 40A(1-1/2")
330860 Brass 50A(2")
330861 Brass 65A(2-1/2")
330862 Norwegian Type Brass 1-1/2"
330863 Brass 2-1/2"
330864 Brass 2"
330865 USA Pin Type Brass 40A(1-1/2")
330866 Brass 50A(2")
330867 Brass 65A(2-1/2")
330869 ANSI Slotter Brass 1-1/2"
330870 Brass 2-1/2"
330873 French Type Brass 1-1/2"
330874 Brass 2-1/2"
330875 Storz Brass 52C
330876 Brass 75B
330877 BSP&PF Brass 1"
330878 Brass 1-1/2"
330879 Brass 2"
330880 Brass 2-1/2"
330888 Nakajima type Aluminum 1-1/2"
330889 Aluminum 2"
330890 Aluminum 2-1/2"
330882 Machino Type Aluminum 1-1/2"
330883 Aluminum 2-1/2"
330931 John Morris Type Aluminum 1"
330932 Aluminum 1-1/2"
330933 Aluminum 2"
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