Hydraulic Marine Tugger Winch

Hydraulic Marine Tugger Winch offered by Weitong Marine, is of compact and reasonable structure,simple installation,smooth operation,less noise,perfect erosion resistant coating and competitive price, approved by certificates:CCS, ABS,BV,DNV,LR,GL e
Hydraulic Marine Tugger Winch
Weitong Marine offers a wide range of marine winch for different applications including Marine Tugger Winch, widely used for deck handling winches and pipeline handling winches or even dragging items along tracks.
It is applied on tug boat to maneuver other vessels by pushing or dragging them, and there are seagoing towing, harbor towing and river towing according to working occasions. Tugger winch can be divided into air tugger winch, electric tugger winch, hydraulic tugger winch, combined winch and diesel winch according to different power drives. The air winch adopts compressed air as its power to drive air motor.
Weitong Marine can provide various sizes of hydraulic tugger winches from 10 tonne to 30 tonne. If you are looking for any kind of winch, pls don't hesitate to contact us for more details.
Hydraulic Marine Tugger Winch Specification
1. Drive: Electric / hydraulic
2. Configuration: Single or double drum with / without warping end
3. Wire drum: Steel wire rope drum
4. Rated pull (1st layer): 10 to 2500KN
5. Brake: Holding 1.5 times the rated pull (static , first layer)
6. Paint: As per your request

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