IMPA 232517 Oil Absorbent Pillow

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IMPA 232517 Oil Absorbent Pillow
Oil Only Absorbent Pillow is widely used to absorbe oil in confined areas such as pumps,fluid reservoirs,and tanks. They can clean up of oil spills and leaks without absorbing water. Grommets can be added when oil absorbent pillows need to be secured in lakes, holding tanks and boat bilges. Spill kits on ships and in marinas should include oil absorbent pillows to absorb oil spills inside containment booms or absorbent booms. Customized sizes to fit your exact needs are available.
For use with Universal Spill fluids.

*Fine fibres particulate,
absorbency due to wide surface area and large absorption capacity,
*Easy to deploy
* Full of strong oil absorb fiber and the outer has wear-resisting cloth which can also a oil .
*Llight weight ,small volume and resisting tearing.

Oil Only Absorbent Pillow Specification
Size Count&Packing Absorbency
20cm*25cm 32pcs/B 72L/B
40cm*50cm 16pcs/B 120L/B
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