IMPA 370271 Marine Hand Anemometers With Dial Gauge

Item No.: 02194
It can be used to measure the following data simultaneously:Instantaneous wind speed;Average wind speed;Instantaneous wind level;Average wind level;Corresponding wave height.
IMPA 370271 Marine Hand Anemometers With Dial Gauge 

Signal Bell Made of cast brass with a highly polished finish.The size is determined by measuring the bell mouth opening.The required size is over 300 mm diameter for the vessels of length greater than 20 mtr.

IMPA Code Product
370102 Signal Bells
370204 Marine Cocks
370207 Quartz Chronometer
370241 Clinometers
370246 Marine Aneroid Barometers 150mm
370251 Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometers 280mm x80mm
370271 Hand Anemometers
370286 barograph
370301 Sounding Leads
370306 Sounding Rods 
370331 Nautical Sextants
370342 Binoculars  
370421 Navigation Lights
370581 Day Signals
370803 Marine Stores Catalogues
370806 Chart Catalogues
370816 Nautical Charts
370851 Marine Forms
371001 Parallel Rules 
371008 Nautical Triangles (Kent Type)
371012 Chart Dividers
371016 Chart Room Compasses
371021 Chart Weight 550g
371201 Merchant Flag 
371501 International Code Of Signals
371581 Flag Hook  Complete Upper/Lower
371588 Flag Blocks 
372601 Recording Paper
372693 Teleprinter Recording Paper
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