IMPA 790436 BAY15D 110V 40W Marine Tubular Navigation Bulbs

Item No.: 01758
Weitong Marine offers marine navigation lamps in high quality with reasonable price and best service. If you are interested in the item, pls don't hesitate to contact us for more details.
IMPA 790436 BAY15D 110V 40W Marine Tubular Navigation Bulbs


Navigation lamps
TYPE Wattage(W) Voltage(V) Bulb Base
790401 40W 24V A60 E26/E27
790402 60W 24V A60 E26/E27
790403 40W 110-115V A60 E26/E27
790404 60W 110-115V A60 E26/E27
790405 40W 220V A60 E26/E27
790406 60W 220V A60 E26/E27
790411 40W 24V A60 B22
790412 60W 24V A60 B22
790413 40W 110-115V A60 B22
790414 60W 110-115V A60 B22
790415 40W 220V A60 B22
790416 60W 220V A60 B22
Tubluar Navigation lamp
790407 40W 24V T38 E26/E27
790407A 60W 24V T38 E26/E27
790440 40W 24V T38 E26/E27
790441 60W 24V T38 E26/E27
790449 40W 24V T38 P28S
790449A 60W 24V T38 P28S
790420 25W 12V T38 BAY15D
790435 25W 24V T38 BAY15D
790435A 25W 24V T38 BAY15D
790421 40W 110V T38 E26/E27
790422 60W 110V T38 E26/E27
790423 40W 220V T38 E26/E27
790424 60W 220V T38 E26/E27
790426 40W 110V T38 B22
790427 60W 110V T38 B22
790428 40W 220V T38 B22
790429 60W 220V T38 B22
790431 40W 110V T38 P28S
790432 60W 110V T38 P28S
790436 40W 110V T38 BAY15D
790433 40W 220V T38 P28S
790434 65W 220V T38 P28S
790437A 25W 220V T38 BAY15D
40W 220V T38 BAY15D


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