IMPA 792066 Marine Wall Lights

Item No.: 01680
Weitong Marine offers Marine kinds of Marine Wall Lights in high quality with reasonable price and best service. If you are interested in the item, pls don't hesitate to contact us for more details.
IMPA 792066 Marine Wall Lights
Marine Wall Lights fit for ships with water dripping, water spattering, water coagulating and weather place, such as oven cabin, dry cabin, tunnel, pipeline and weatherdeck etc., wall-type installation.

Marine Wall Lights  Specifications
Type Power Voltage Lamp Holder Material Weight Color Protection Class
WB-1 15W 24V FE12/FE14/FB15 Synthetic resin 0.83kg Transparent,Red,
WB-2 60W 220V FE26/FB22 1.26kg
WB-2A 60W 220V FE26 Aluminum 1.45kg
WB-2B 60W 220V FE26 Synthetic resin 1.26kg
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