CCD9 Incandescent Pendant Light For Ship

Item No.: 00525
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CCD9 Incandescent Pendant Light For Ship 
Incandescent pendant light is applied to the illumination in wet places in deck, sidewalk in ships or cabin with simple structure, good waterproof function, can be used in kinds of place and bad enviroment.
Different design available

Incandescent Pendant Light Specifications
Type Voltage Power Lamp Holder Weight(kg) Material Protection Class
CCD1-2 220V 60W E27 1.7 Steel IP55
CCD1-2A 220V 60W E27 1 Plastic IP55
CCD2-1-2 220V 60W E27 2.05 Aluminum IP55
CCD3-2 24V 25W B15d 0.45 Plastic IP55
CCD3-3 24V 25W B15d 0.45 Plastic IP55
CCD4-1 220V 60W E27 2.3 Aluminum IP55
CCD4-1J 220V 60W E27 2.4 Aluminum IP55
CCD5-2 24V 25W B15d 0.75 Aluminum IP55
CCD6-2 220V 60W E27 1.05 Aluminum IP55
CCD7 220V 60W E27 1.8 Steel IP55
CCD9-2-2 220V 60W E27 1.75 Steel IP55
CCD9-3-2 220V 60W E27 2.05 Steel IP55
CCD9-5 220V 60W E27 2.5 Copper IP55
CCD9-5A 24V 25W B15d 2.5 Copper IP55
CCD9-6 220V 60W E27 4.45 Copper IP55
CCD9-6A 24V 25W B15d 4.45 Copper IP55
CCD10-1 220V 60W E27 1.75 Aluminum IP55
CCD10-2 220V 60W E27 1 Aluminum IP55
CCD11-A 220V 60W E27 3.5 Stainless steel IP55
CCD11-B 220V 60W E27 4 Stainless steel IP55
CCD12-1 220V 60W E27 1.05 Aluminum IP55
CCD12-2 220V 60W E27 0.9 Aluminum IP55
CCD15-2 220V 60W E27 1.9 Copper IP55
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