Marine 15PPM Bilge Alarm

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Marine 15PPM Bilge Alarm
Marine 15PPM Bilge Alarm device is designed in accordance with the International Maritime Organization MEPC. (49) resolution 107, approved by the China classification society (CCS) , is the latest generation monitiring instrument, applicable to ships, continuous monitoring of ship barge oil, with functions of 15 PPM transfinite alarm and control of oil conent. It is usually used with 15 PPM bilge oily water separator.
Marine 15PPM Bilge Alarm is applied the technology of near infrared measurement,so as to display the detected result in real time. The unit is supplied with 2 works-adjusted alarms. The set point (15ppm factory set) could be adjusted at any moment through the panel. If an alarm set point is exceed, the alarms are visible at the front panel and the appropriate relays are switched, that can be achieved the movement control of overrun closedown or the treatment of overrun recycle, and the memory and enquiry of alarm record. Furthermore, a 4 - 20 mA (equal to 0 – 15ppm) effective signal output is available for driving a recorder or external meter.
Function Test
1) Run oil free water through the instrument to purge the system.
2) Adjust the flow rate through the unit by using the small screws in the cell cap. Taking out a screw will increase the flow rate. NB: The flow rate should be checked on both, the clean water supply and the separator sample supply. If the clean water supply is obtained from a high pressure source, the flow rate will be higher than from the sample point. The flow rate is not influencing the accuracy of the instrument. The adjustment is only important for the time delay between the sample point and the monitor.
3) Switch on the instrument and make sure, that the Power LCD is illuminated and it displays the number “EE”, with the fault LED on. Allow a few minutes for the system to warm up and stabilize. It works when the fault LED off and measure value displays.
4) The monitor will display "0" with clean water; if the value is higher than 0, it means there is air mixed up. Then it is necessary to check the entrance components and sample water pipeline and reset the position.
5) Through the front control panel offset to operate the display “0”.
Marine 15PPM Bilge Alarm Main Performance Indicator

Range 0-30mg/l (up to 50mg/l)
Accuracy >5mg/l
Linearity >2%
Display LCD
Voltage 220VAC/110VAC ±10% 50Hz/60Hz 5%
Power 10VA
Alarm Point 1-15ppm
Factory Setting 15ppm
Alarm output Two-way relay output
Alarm Display Yellow LED
Size 360mmW×240mmH×105mD
Protection Class IP45
Weight 7KG
Connection R 1/4"
Standards IMO.Res.MEPC.107(49)Resolution
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