Marine Day Signal Bell

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Marine Day Signal Bell Details
Marine day signal bell comply to the 1972 International Convention for Preventing Collsions at sea(Consolidated version)
meet the requirements of the ZC regulations for the statutory survey of ships and offshore installations and international Marine anti-collision regulation(1972). 1996 Amendments to the SOLA1974, and CB/T3142-94, CB/T428-93.

Marine Day Signal Bell Features

1. Communication signal for ship at sea
2 .High strength for outside work
3. Ball Signal at open sea
Marine Day Signal Bell Spacification

Type Double cone Ball Cone Cylinder Diamond
Diameter (mm) 600 300 600 300 600 300 600 300 600 300
Length(mm) 1200 600 600 300 1200 600 1200 600 1200 600
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