Marine Electric Mooring Winch with One Drum

150KN Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch offered by China Weitong Marine is of reasonable structure design,easy and safe operation,less noise,perfect erosion resistant coating,and competitive price, and approved by certificates:CCS, ABS,BV
Marine Electric Mooring Winch with One Drum
Electric winch is widely used in application of  heavy lifting and towing. The winch whose general rated load is less than 10T, can be designed as an electric winch. There are several types of electric mooring winches, such as single drum, double drums, or triple drums electric winch to meet the needs of the lifting, traction and rotation and other operations. The motor of single drum electric winch through deceleration device driven the drum, motor and reducer input shaft are equipped with the brake.
Ship bow mooring rope twist by the winch drum combine with windlass, some large ship at the bow designed special mooring winch, middle of ship mooring rope twist by vice winch drum, some large ships also dedicated mooring winch in middele, on stern deck is another mooring winch or mooring capstan.
Mooring rope must be rolled on the winch drum, has limited number. Large cargo ship usually has only two bow ropes and two stern ropes can be autonmatioally retracted, to statisfy the general situation. When the ship's draft greatly changes or due to tide and wind the mooring rope tension variation is large, stiil need artificial timnely adjustment of all ropes.
1. Have a quality management system compliant to ISO9001 or environmental management system compliant to ISO14001
2. Design produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection,flaw detection etc.
4. Advanced facility
5. Simple installation and safe operation
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. Moderate price and professional service
Marine Electric Mooring Winch with One Drum Specification
Rope Diameter: 8-56mm
Rated load:5-400KN
Working speed:≥9 to 15 m/min
Working load: from 10 to 300 kn
The size and drums can be designed as per your requirement.
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