Marine Free Fall Lifeboats

Marine Free Fall Lifeboats offered by Weitong Marine is safe and reliable, with world-class technical performance to ensure the buoyancy, stability and navigation performance.
Marine Free Fall Lifeboats
Marine Free Fall Lifeboats is suitable for dry cargo carrier, tanker or other dangerous projects, eg.oil offshore.Weitong Marine offers different models free fall enclosed lifeboat F.R.P from 4.9M to 15M. Common type-cargo version and tanker version fireproof type which equipped with a sprokle system are available. All the totally lifeboat are of good quality and approved by CCS, ABS,DNV,BV,NK,LR,RS etc., strictly complied with SOLAS and all its amendments and LSA Code, tested in accordance with MSC. 81 (70) and its latest resolutions. If you have any question or enquiry, please email us, we will reply you promptly with more details.
Boat Leight: 5-12m
Capacity: 15-95 Persons
Certificates: CCS,ABS,BV,DNV,LR,NK ,RS etc.
Dimension Capacity Weight
Unloaded Full loaded
4.90*2.18*3.10m 15P 3000.00kg 4237.50kg
5.90*2.22*3.10m 18P 3350.00kg 4835.00kg
5.90*2.55*3.15 25P 3800.00kg 5862.50kg
6.70*2.55*3.20m 30P 4000.00kg 6475.00kg
7.50*2.55*3.20m 33P 5100.00kg 7822.50kg
9.00*2.70*3.30m 42P 6200.00kg 9665.00kg
10.70*2.70*3.30m 50P 7000.00kg 11125.00kg
11.70*3.60*3.80m 60P 10800.00kg 15750.00kg
15.00*3.80*4.30m 95P 15000.00kg 22837.50kg
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