Marine Hydraulic Towing Tugger Winch

Marine Towing Tugger Winch offered by Weitong Marine, is of compact and reasonable structure,simple installation,smooth operation,less noise,perfect erosion resistant coating and competitive price, approved by certificates:CCS, ABS,BV,DNV,LR,GL etc.
Marine Hydraulic Towing Tugger Winch
Marine Towing Winch is installed on a boat to tow another boat, or used to reel, release and store rope. It consists of drum, brake unit, clutch, wall frame, base, spooling device, driven device, control device and so on.

Hydraulic towing winch driven by hydraulic motor, is the main equipment for tugboat towing barge, widelly applied in marine towing operations. There are built-in hydraulic winch, exposed hydraulic winch, high speed hydraulic winch and low speed hydraulic winch. The main structures of the winch include: hydraulic motor (low speed or high speed motor), hydraulic NC multi-plate brake, gearbox, clutch (optional), drum ( single drum or double drum), support shaft, frame spooling device (optional) etc.
Marine Hydraulic Towing Tugger Winch Features
* The range of pull capacity is from 10t to 300T;
* The drum size is customized to meet wire capacity requirements;
* One or two warping heads on either side of the winch are optional according to clients' demands;
* Electric motor, hydraulic engine and diesel power dive are optional for the towing winch and each one has the advantages;
* Chain spooling capabilities are optional for clients;
* The winch can be with remote and local control;
* The winch has load measuring, rope speed and length measuring device.

Factory Advantages
1. Have a quality management system compliant to ISO9001 or environmental management system compliant to ISO14001
2. Design produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection,flaw detection etc.
4. Advanced facility

5. Simple installation and safe operation
6. Provide professional customization service,according to client's requirements
7. Moderate price and professional service

Main Technical Data

(Other specification and dimension can also be customized according to your requirement)
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