Marine Incandescent Portable Light

Item No.: 00553
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Marine Incandescent Portable Light
Marine Portable Lights applied to illumination in temporary work place used for checking and repairing ship or loading or unloading goods. This products have delicacy appearance, light weight and convenient to remove, lamp body adopts seal structure, and has good waterproof function, and approved by the CCS certificates.

Marine Incandescent Portable Light Specifications
Type Voltage Power Illuminant Lamp Holder Cable Outside Diameter Color Material Protection Class Weight
CSD1 220V/24V Max25W Incandescent Lamp B15d Ø8-Ø10 Transparent Plastic IP55 0.6kg
CSD2 220V/24V 25W/40W Incandescent Lamp E27/B22d Ø8-Ø10 Transparent Rubber IP34 0.73kg
Max 8W Energy-saving Lamp ​Half-frosted
CSD3 220V/24V Max 40W Incandescent Lamp E27/B22d Ø8-Ø10 Transparent Plastic   0.38kg
Max 8W Energy-saving lamp ​Half-frosted
CSD5 12V/24V 50W / / / / Rubber IP56  
CSD6 6V 15W / G4 / / Plastic IP56 1.63kg
CSD7 250V/24V Max 60W Incandescent Lamp E26 Ø8-Ø10 / Engineering Plastic IP56 0.91kg
Max 8W Energy-saving Lamp 
CSD8 250V/24V Max 100W Incandescent Lamp E26 Ø8-Ø10 / Engineering Plastic IP20 0.75kg
Max 8W Energy-saving Lamp
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