Oil Absorbent Booms For Oil Spills

Item No.: 01446
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Oil Absorbent Booms For Oil Spills

Oil absorbent boom is made of 100%polypropylene, with loop or clamp.


Suitable for leakage of most liquid such as hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, phosphoric, nitric and sulfuric acids. Also use with hydrocarbons such as oils,gasoline, jet fuel, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and  chemical storage and distribution of the place, machine and equipment and tank and around the pipeline near, train and trucks underneath, valve, below the table near, airplane, etc. Maritime oil spill emergency relief, ports, coast defense, shipping, fire department.

Oil Absorbent Pads Specification
Size Count&Packing Absorbency
φ7.6cm×1.2M 20pcs/B >165L/B
φ10cm×3M 16pcs/B >305L/B
φ12.7cm×3M 8pcs/B >250L/B
φ12.7cm×6M 4pcs/B >250L/B
φ20cm×3M 4pcs/B >305L/B
φ20cm×6M 2pcs/B >305L/B
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