Oil Spill Control Gray Universal Absorbent Oil Pillows

Item No.: 00503
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Oil Spill Control Gray Universal Absorbent Oil Pillows
Glay Universal Absorbent Pillow, made of  100%polypropylene, are used to contain leaks and constant drips that are too large for an absorbent pad. Pillows absorb large quantities of spilled fluids, including oil, coolants, solvents and water, shortening your spill response time.
*Pillows Absorb Fluids in Tight Spaces
*Pillows are easy to place in hard-to-reach areas — use under machines and leaky hydraulic hoses or wedge in corners cramped for space.
*Pulls liquids from the floor like a sock. Catches leaks like a pan. Absorbs spills like a pad. It's one versatile product that works for many different jobs.
*godd performance of absorbency
*Ideal for spill response. Pillow's large surface area speeds the absorption process and shortens the overall response time.
Gray Universal Absorbent Pillow Specification
Size Count&Packing Absorbency
20cm x 25cm 32 Pcs/Bag ≥90L/Bag
40cm x 50cm 16 Pcs/Bag ≥140L/Bag

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