Portable Explosion Proof Light

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Portable Explosion Proof Light
Portable Explosion Proof Light is allowed as part of marine firefighter's equipment hand lantern wtih shoulder strap that free firefighter's hand and keep the lamp at waist level of fireman
aluminum alloy shell,lithium charging battery,halogen lamp or LED cold light source
Main function and technical standards:
1) The aluminum pressed shell is coated with fine lacquer layer made of ZDL-102, bulb holder is equipped with rubber quake-proofed cover which is used to avoide sparks when falling or colliding with other objects.
2) lamp shell doesn’t have trough-hole. The lamp’s switch on-off uses the structure of dry spring of alarm circuits and strong magnetic switch to ensure the explosion-proof character inflammable and explosive locations, the lamp cover can only be opened in safe place by person in charge of using special spanner when the electricity is off (spare Allen    should be kept by person specially assigned for the task.)
3) direct current source, 6 pcs of No.1 battery
4) Light bulb: 7.2V 0.5 A
5) Luminance: 130 Lx at the distance of 10m
6) Ambient temperature: -25oC-+40 oC
7) Relative Humidity: <90%
Item specification
Main Material aluminum alloy
Direct current source 6 pcs of No.1 battery
Light bulb 7.2V 0.5 A
Burning Period >= 3 hours
Luminance 130 Lx at the distance of 10m
Ambient temperature -25oC-+40 oC
Relative Humidity <90%
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