PVC Inflatable Ship Fender

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PVC Inflatable Ship Fender
Yacht Fender is made of PVC or other material, used to stop damage to yacht, avoid the yacht or boat getting many scars and hull damage, providing inadequate fender protection when docking or retrieving anchors. F Seres Yacht Fender has a reinforced moulded eye at each end, is suitable for leisure motorboats, yachts and working boats.
Available in various sizes to meet requirements of any boats;
Durable and high strength exterior
Multiple enhanced top suspension system
Allow horizontal and vertical use.
Applicable to permanent unprotected berthing, steel piles and cemented wharf etc
PVC Inflatable Ship Fender Specification
Style F Thickness Buoyancy Qty/Carton
L * Dia * Hole
F4015 40*15*2 3.8mm 5kg 20pcs/40*40*32cm
F4211 42*11*1.2 3.8mm 5kg 20pcs/42*40*29cm
F5114 51*14*1.4 3.8mm 10kg 10pcs/46*50*21cm
F6216 62*16*2.2 3.8mm 15kg 10pcs/60*43*29cm
F6222 62*22*1.8 3.8mm 20kg 10pcs/60*43*29cm
F7220 72*20*2.6 3.8mm 35kg 10pcs/70*51*29cm
FF7628 76*28*2 3.8mm 45kg 8pcs/70*51*29cm
F9530 95*30*2.7 (reinforced) 3.8mm 100kg 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F9835 98*35*2.7 (reinforced) 3.8mm 120kg 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F9840 98*40*2.7 (reinforced) 3.8mm 150kg 4pcs/60*49*50cm
F10020 100*20*3 3.8mm 50kg 6pcs/70*51*29cm
F10222 102*22*3 3.8mm 55kg 6pcs/70*51*29cm
F10424 104*24*3 3.8mm 60kg 6pcs/70*51*29cm
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