Quick Release Mooring Hook

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Quick Release Mooring Hook

Quick release mooring hooks is widely used due to its safety, reliability, feature of laborsaving and shortcut, etc, composed by stranded cable structure and release mooring structure.

Our Quick Release Mooring Hook has the advantages of reasonable structure, reliable quality and safe use.We provide four types of quick release mooring hooks: single hook, double hook, triple hook, quadruple-hook; the double hook and triple hook are the most widely-ranging used.
Popular model: 40,60,75,100,125 and 150 tons.
Standard Coating
One Layer Epoxy Zinc,and One Layer Epoxy (Black color), Shot blasting to SA2.5.
Material:Including Q235-A ,Q345B etc
Motor: three phase380V 50HZ or 400V 60HZ,Optional explosion-proof or non-explosion proof.
Brake: short circuit protection, over load protection
Optional Level of Protection: IP55,IP56,IP65,IP66
Manual release, pneumatic or hydraulic release
Certificate: ABS,LR,CCS,BV,DNV, etc.

Main Technical Performance
1.Hook’s motion range: lateral horizontal movement within the range of 90 degrees , 45 degrees vertical elevation
2.Handle Operation Force <150N
3.The fore-end of anchor hook is equipped with elastic cushion, which prevent the collision between the hook and frame
4.Motor: three phase380V 50HZ or 400V 60HZ,Optional explosion-proof or non-explosion proof.
5.Brake: short circuit protection, over load protection
6.Optional Level of Protection: IP55,IP56,IP65,IP66
7.Manual release, pneumatic or hydraulic release

Produc Detail

1.Safe Working Load: 400kN to 1500kN
2.Capacity Mounting Base: 800kN to 3000kN
3.Weight: 491~6000kg
4.Quantity of Hook: 1/2/3/4 hooks
5.Material: Hook body: Cast steel 
6.Entirely sprayed with zinc and the thickness.
7.Easy and safe release with either a slack or loaded mooring line
8.Free swiveling
9.Locking device to prevent accidental or unauthorized operation
10.Optional integral capstans for hauling in the mooring line
11.Optional remote control system for remote hook release
12.Optional mooring load monitoring system for continuous measurement of mooring loads
13.Can be customized for special requirements
14.Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, GL,DNV,LR etc.

Available Type of Marine Towing Hooks:
1.Spring Towing Hook
2.Disc Towing Hook
3.Quick Release Hook
4.Pelican Hook
5.Marine Harbour Towing Hook
6.Manual Release Spring Towing Hook
7.Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook
8.Manual Release Springless Towing Hook
9.Pneumatic Release Disc Towing Hook
10.Hydraulic Release Disc Towing Hook
11.Hydraulic Release Harbour Towing Hook
12.Single Quick Release Mooring Hook
13.Double Quick Release Mooring Hook
14.Triple Quick Release Mooring Hook
15.Quadruple Quick Release Mooring Hook

400 491 583 650 700 260 54 235 260 35 370 1233 96 90 6*M48
600 878 788 750 780 290 62 275 290 45 407 1536 130 130 6*M56
750 1049 888 750 850 325 70 275 325 45 417 1638 130 130 6*M64
1000 1439 959 750 925 363 78 275 363 50 447 1709 150 150 6*M72
1250 1602 1030 750 925 363 86 275 363 55 479 1780 150 150 6*M80
1500 2332 1210 750 1000 400 86 275 400 55 499 1960 50 150 7*M80
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