Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator

Item No.: 00245
Weitong Marine offers Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator in high quality with reasonable price and best service. If you are interested in the item, pls don't hesitate to contact us for more details.
Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator
Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator is used the international best quality of seawater RO membrane. The membrane‘s salt removing rate is very high, with stable performance, safe and reliable. The HP pump we used is the international brand which is specialized in seawater desalination, with high and low pressure protection device, ensure the safety and reliable of the equipment. The treated water quality meets the national life drinking water quality standards (GB5749-85), do not add any chemicals, can be used for direct drinking, fresh and sweet.
For the portable use, reliable water, cheap price etc., after a long time of design and practice, we integrate the reliable technology and advanced technology, make our equipment stand out! From here on, you will experience the different use feelings!
Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator Advantages and Charateristies
1.The equipment is automatic operation by pressing one key, easy and simple to operate.
Automatic cleaning.
2.Emergency Stop button, under emergency situation, cut off all power immediately;
3.The equipment has high pressure protection to prevent the machine from break downing;
4.All kinds of flow and pressure testing instrument, monitoring the device operating states at any time.
5.On-line conductivity meter, monitoring the output water quality at any time;
6.Timer: Timely start and close the quick flush valve.
7.Fully polished stainless steel frame, safe and fastness, elegant appearance Domestic famous brand raw water lift pump, suction 6M, effectively solve the problem that long distant getting water;
8.Production water adjusting valve, adjust the equipment output water capacity.
Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator  For 5000LPD/80000LPD/10000LPD

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