IMPA 330426 SCBA Positive Pressure Self-contained Air Breathing Apparatus

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IMPA 330426 SCBA Positive Pressure Self-contained Air Breathing Apparatus
SCBA(Self contained breathing apparatus) is a new model of self supporting open respirator, which is widely used in fire-fighting,chemistry industry,fired boat,petroleum industry,smelt,mine and transportation. It is a high-performance respiratory positive device designed for fireman and special trained person when trapper in the situation with smoke、pollution、hot vapor and/or hypoxygen, to perform the extinguish, rescue and ambulance.
a.The atmosphere is polluted by smoke、poisonous gas or/and hot vapor, or in the
hypoxygen situation.
b.In the atmosphere of -30℃~+60℃, at 0~100% relative humidity and 70KPa~125 KPa atmosphere pressure.
Functions :
It provides air for firemen to breathe and work in oxygen-deficient atmosphere or toxic environment
It has been certified to protect firemen from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards
SCBA Positive Pressure Self-contained Air Breathing Apparatus Specification
Model RHZK5/30 RHZK6/30 RHZK6.8/30 RHZK6.8*2/30 RHZKF9/30
Working Pressure 30Mpa
Volume 5L 6L 6.8L 6.8*2L 9L
Air Deposit 1500L 1800L 2040L 2040*2L 2700L
Using Time 40-50min 50-60min 50-60min 100-120min 80-90min
Weight ≤16 ≤18 ≤12 ≤16 ≤17
Packing 710*290*430mm
Material Steel air cylinder Carbon fibre air cylinder
Alarm Pressure 4-6Mpa
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