Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Equipment

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Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Equipment

Reverse Osmosis Marine Seawater Disalinator is used the international best quality of seawater RO membrane. The membrane‘s salt removing rate is very high, with stable performance, safe and reliable. The HP pump we used is the international brand which is specialized in seawater desalination, with high and low pressure protection device, ensure the safety and reliable of the equipment.Reverse Osmosis Marine Seawater Disalinator is the most simple but the most important  machine on board,mainly used to generate fresh water from seawater on ships or islands.The produced fresh water is mainly used for drinking purpose,for boiler water system for other fresh water consumptions.
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Equipment Advantages and Charateristies
1. High quality RO Membrane, Desalinating Rate >98.5%
2. High pressure Pump, from US or Germany
3. Rust-proof and corrosion resistance.-316 LSS
4. Lifespan: 15-20 years . Smart Design, Easy to use
6. Auto-protection Design
7. Available to: 220V/50HZ,380/50HZ,440/60HZ
8.  Quality of outlet water: Meet the requirement of China National Drinking water Health Standard.(GB 5749-2006)
Suitable for engineering barges,offshore platforms, merchant ships,navy warships,island water stations,on-shore facilities etc.
Production Procedure
Sea Water→Feeding Pump→Multi-media Filter→Precision Filter→High Pressure Pump→RO mainframe→Fresh Water

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Equipment Specification
TYPE Output Water Desalinating Rate Saline Capacity of Output Water Operation Pressure Power Consumption Weight Size
(m3/Day) (%) (mg/L) (Mpa) (KW) (kg) L*W*H(mm)
FSHB30 30 98.5 ≤700 3.5-5.5 15 1200 2440*1000*2120
FSHB40 40 98.5 ≤700 3.5-5.5 15 1600 2300*1100*2310
FSHB50 50 98.5 ≤700 3.5-5.5 18.5 2000 2300*1100*2310
FSHB100 100 98.5 ≤700 3.5-5.5 45 4500 5000*2000*1900
FSHB200 200 98.5 ≤700 3.5-5.5 60 5500 5000*2000*1900
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