IMPA 330169/330195 Seaman Life Saving Immersion Suit

Item No.: 00669
Seaman Life Saving Immersion Suit meet the requirements of SOLAS 74/96, LSA Code, and MSC.81(71), MSC.200(80), come with CCS and EC certificates.
IMPA 330169/330195 Seaman Life Saving Immersion Suit
Seaman Life Saving Immersion Suit is completely waterproof and has an ability to withstand extreme temperatures of water and fire. The immersion suit fits the person's body completely without exposing a single part in the water. It also has a protective hood to cover the head and gloves to cover the hands. The suit also provides thermal protection preventing a typical wearer's core body temperature from decreasing by more than 2ºC after six hours in cold water of 0-2ºC.

Type I immersion suits
Outside material :Waterproof Beryline oxford textile
Inside material :Foamed polyethylene ,Aluminum plate film.
Thermal protective function: Insulated

Type II Immersion Suits
Main material :CR neoprene sponge (thickness:5mm)
Thermal protective function: Insulated
Thermal Performance:
The wearer's body temperature will not be 20C lower than normal temperature after immersing in the 00C~20C static water for 6 hours.

More than 142 N and the decrease of buoyancy is less than 5% after submerging if fresh water for 24 hours.
Floating performance:
The wearer is capable of floating in face-up and lifting the wearer's mouth above the water at least 120mm.

Accessories : Water-proof light, whistle
Printing: customerized printing, OEM sevices

Type Specification Stature Package dimension
Type I XL Above 1.8m 56x34x32cm
L 1.65-1.8m 56x34x51cm
M Below 1.65m 56x34x74cm
Type-II XL Above 1.8m 58x23x36cm
L 1.65-1.8m

Remark: The immersion suit is designed to be worn without life jacket, but can not be classified as life jacket.
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