Ship Incinerator

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Ship Incinerator Series
Marine Incinerator is an important device for the pollution prevention in various ships and offshore platforms. It can incinerate sludge oil, food Waste, rubbish containing, paper, rags, plastic and so on. This incinerator is in compliance with MARPOL73/78 Annex Ⅵ and RESOLUTION MEPC.76(40).
Ship Incinerator is detachable structure,easy to install and maintain,large heat capacity,small volume. It has the function of fault shutdown,fault sound and light alarm. It possese the function of run and alarm signal remote transmission what is tuitable for transimission remote signal to ship centralized control equipment.
Adopt PLC controller as the control unit to realize the automatic control of waste incineration,and the incineration process don't need manual intervention.
Inclinerator uses touch screen technology and graphical interface. All functions operating with one key,and the selected program is completed automatically.
Incinerator uses digital graphics to display the system parameters and work state.
Ship Incinerator Series Specification
Type Capacity(Kcal/h) Dimension(L×W×H mm)
CYF-10 100000 1145×900×1800
CYF-18 180000 1345×986×1912
CYF-40 400000 1800×1330×1910
CYF-50 500000 1800×1330×1910
CYF-80 800000 1830×2350×2200
CYF-120 1200000 1900×2450×2500
CYF-150 1500000 2000×2850×2600
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