SOLAS Approval F.R.P.Rescue Boat

SOLAS Approval F.R.P.Rescue Boat is of good performance of stability, buoyancy and strength with reasonable price.
SOLAS Approval F.R.P.Rescue Boat
SOLA rescue boat is widely used in rescue, patrol and survey applications. Weitong Marine offer two types of rescue boats, one is common boat  with speed up to 6 knots when full loaded, the other one is high speed rescue boat with speed up to 20 knots when light loaded. SOLAS rescue boat is stricly designed in accordance with the  requirement of SOLAS, LSA Code and MSC/CIR809 regulation. Engine types can be gasoline or diesel, inboard or outboard. If you have any question or enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.
Certificates: CCS,ABS,BV,DNV,LR,RINA,GL etc.
Model Dimension Capacity Speed(≥) Weight
Unloaded Full loaded
40R 4.00*1.86*0.85m 8P ≥6knots 650.00kg 1310.00kg
42R 4.70*1.68*0.85m 6P ≥6knots 500.00kg 995.00kg
43R 4.65*1.86*0.80m 6P ≥6knots 500.00kg 995.00kg
43RA 4.65*1.86*0.80m 6P ≥6knots 800.00kg 1295.00kg
45RB 4.50*1.95*0.85m 6P ≥6knots 830.00kg 1325.00kg
53RA 5.45*1.86*0.75m 9P ≥6knots 570.00kg 1312.50kg
53RB 5.45*1.86*0.75m 9P ≥6knots 900.00kg 1642.50kg
55RFA 5.50*2.25*0.95m 9P ≥6knots 520.00kg 1262.50kg
55RFB 5.50*2.25*0.95m 9P ≥6knots 780.00kg 1522.00kg
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