SOLAS Approved Life Jacket Light

SOLAS approved lifejacket light is a lifesaving outfit equipped on lifejacket, to indicate the position at sea when people fell into the water wearing a life jacket at night to arouse rescue,
come with CCS certificate
SOLAS Approved  Life Jacket Light  Details
Types: dry battery lifejacket light / li-battery lifejacket light
Working Time:>12h
Luminous Intensity: >4.3cd
Storage Enviroment Temperature:-30oC~+65oC
Water-activated Temperature: -1oC~30oC
Lighting Form: flashing
Flash Frequency: 50-70 times/minute
Light Color: White
Operation Voltage:3.6V

Operatong Method: hold the life jacket light with left hand, switch it with right hand, and entered into water, then the light will give out white flashing signal.
SOLAS Approved  Life Jacket Light Advantages:
1. compact, easy to carry, placement 2. durable, with vibration resistance 3. corrosion resistanc, not subject unduly influence by swawater, oil or fungal attack 4. good water tightness, ifre resistance
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