Steel Hand Wheel Marine Watertight Door

Item No.: 00737
Weitong Marine offers kinds of quality Steel Hand Wheel Watertight Door at best price with outstanding service. pls feel free to contact us for more details.
Steel Hand Wheel Watertight Door
Watertight doors are special types of doors found on the ships which prevent the ingress of water from one compartment to other during flooding or accidents. These doors are used onboard in areas where chances of flooding are high. Areas such as engine room compartments and shaft tunnel and some are few of such places. This kind of marine door is eady for welding or bolting directly to deck or wall,and water pressure resistant from 0.06Mpa to 0.5Mpa.
Weitong Marine is a professional marine supplier in China, we offer a variety of Marine Doors such as: Steel/Aluminum Weathertight Door
Quick Acting Steel Weathertight Door
Steel/Aluminum Watertight Door
Fireproof Door
Sliding Door
Gastight Door
Steel Soundproof Gastight Door
Aluminium Cabin Hollow Door
Aluminum Cabin Sliding Door
Hydraulic Sliding Watertight Door
Hydraulic Sliding Firproof Watertight Door

Steel Hand Wheel Watertight Door Specification
Nominal Size B*L*R100 Cutout in Steel Wall B1*L1*R112 External Size B2*L2*R140
700*1500 724*1524 780*1580
700*1400 724*1424 780*1480
600*1500 624*1524 680*1580
600*1400 624*1424 680*1480

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