Swing Type Hydraulic Steering Gear 6.3-30 kn.m

Weitong Marine offers different kinds of Marine Hydraulic Steering Gears including Swing Type Hydraulic Steering Gear suitable for various types of small boats in accordance with CCS rules.
Swing Type Hydraulic Steering Gear  6.3-30 kn.m
The linked cylinder type electro-hydraulic steering gear series consists of one set of rudder mechanism with two piston type of cylinders, two sets of oil pump units, one reserve tank, one electric control station. To finish procedure of steering control, rotate steerting switch of solenold valve in wheel house, though steering mechanism controls hydraulic oil to cylinder access, thereby rudder blades work. When power is failure, steering mechanism can be used to complete emergency steering control. It is widely used in navigation zone of inland rapid flowing river, normal zone, and for fishing vessel or small size if sightseeing lunch.

Factory Advantages
1. Have a quality management system compliant to ISO9001 or environmental management system compliant to ISO14001
2. Design produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection,flaw detection etc.
4. Advanced facility

5. Simple installation and safe operation
6. Provide professional customization service,according to client's requirements
7. Moderate price and professional service

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