Universal Oil Absorbent Rolls

Item No.: 00237
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Universal Oil Absorbent Rolls
Universal absorbent rolls are made of 100% polypropylene construction, it won't rip, tear or fray, even when saturated.so it absorbs basically all fluids (water,petroleum and chemical-based) and can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending. with abrasion resistance material, protected on 1-2 sides with a duraable non-linting cover stock and with dimpled&perforated increase of tensile strength. Non-linting, wear well, clearing up of chemical & hazardous spills on the open furface, can be reused. Best-fit for manufacturering floor. It can be used for cover and sctter or pave the spill oil on floor, but not on water.

Universal Absorbent Rolls Features
1.Fast-acting for quick response
2.High absorbency, fine-fiber construction won't leave behind liquids or fiber residue.
3.A layer of Melt Blown polypropylene creates high surface area that enables SonicBonded Mat to quickly soak up iquids 4. Perforation is easy to tear to size so you only use what you need.
5. Quickly soak up liquids.
6. Dark gray color hides grime, so mat stays on the job longer.
7. Absorbs all water based fluids,oil,diesel,gas,trichloroethylene etc
Universal Absorbent Rolls Application
1. Walkways and high traffic areas.
2. Inproduction and machine areas.
3. Under assembly lines, equipment or vehicles.
4. On workbenches or as a work surface.
5. Just about anywhereyou have a leak, drip or spill.
6. Up to 17-18 times of its own weight

Size Absorbency Absorbency Absorbency
40cm*50cm*2.5mm  ≥180L/B 1R/B single weight
40cm*50cm*2.5mm  ≥216L/B 1R/B medium weight
40cm*50cm*3.5mm ≥252L/B 1R/B medium weight
40cm*50cm*3.5mm ≥288L/B 1R/B medium weight
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