Water Foam Fire Monitor

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Water Foam Fire Monitor
Fire monitor is a kind of effective equipment for extinguishing great fire. The Marine Fire Monitor offered by Weitong Marine has properties of large capacity, long throw range, high reliability and convenient operation. They can be operated by manual,or electric motor.
The fire monitor is composed of monitor body, spray assembly, operator and accessories. Monitor body can rotate in horizontal and vertical. The body is fixed or portable, and can be operated by lever, hand wheel, electric unit or hydraulic unit. The spray assembly, such as nozzle or foam tube is an important part of monitor. The nozzle is used for spraying water, and AFFF solution. The foam tube is used for spraying protein foam solution. The operator such as hand wheel, electric unit, and hydraulic motor, is chosen by owner.
We supply Manual/Handle Operated  Fire Monitor, Electric Fire Monitor, and the medium could water(PS), Foam(PP), water-Foam(PL) etc.
Model PL32 PL48 PL64 PL80 PL100 PL150 PL200
Flow Rate (L/S) 32 48 64 80 100 150 200
Rated Working Pressure (MPa) 0.8 1 1.2 1.4
Working Pressure Range (MPa) 0.6~1.0 0.8~1.2 1.0~1.4 1.2~1.6
Jetting Range (m) Foam ≥48 ≥60 ≥70 ≥80 85 ≥95 ≥105
Water ≥55 ≥70 ≥75 ≥85 ≥90 ≥100 ≥110
Horizontal Rotation Angle 0~360°
Vertical Rotation Angle -70°~+90°
Foam Expansion Ratio(when 20℃) ≥6
25% Liquid Breaking Time/min ≥2.5
Foam Mixing Ratio 6%~7%
CConnection Flange DN100 DN100 DN125 DN150 DN200

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